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A wedding is an important occasion in the life of any couple.
The first question that you, as a couple, ought to ask yourselves is whether you want a Christian marriage - or simply a place in which to be married.
Church is more than a beautiful setting for a ceremony. It is a symbol of the deep and wonderful meaning of Christian marriage. It is vital for couples planning to be married in the church to understand that Christian marriage implies a belief that God, through Jesus Christ, will play an important role in their relationship and throughout their life. The wedding ceremony is the beginning of that remarkable journey.

There are normally three criteria for a wedding taking place at any of the churches in Fowlis and Liff, Lundie and Muirhead

  1. One or other of the couple is a member of one of our congregations.
  2. One or other of the couple has a strong, live family connection one of our congregations.
  3. One or other of the couple lives within the geographical bounds of the parishes.

There may be other special circumstances in which the minister would be willing to conduct your wedding so please contact her if you would like to discuss this.

Before any date is finalised, contact needs to be made with the Minister to find out both her and the Churchís availability.
A meeting will then be arranged with the minister when she will explain the Marriage Service with the couple as well as the practical details involved e.g. music, hymns, flowers etc.


The Registrar of the District in which the marriage is to take place carries out all legal preliminaries. You should enquire there approximately four weeks prior to the marriage (six weeks if there are any special difficulties) and he/she will guide you.

The Registrar will issue the Marriage Schedule and this document must be produced on the day of the wedding. NO MARRIAGE SCHEDULE, NO WEDDING! The completed Schedule must be returned to the Registrarís Office within three days of the marriage. This is something you should make arrangements for.

The Registrarís Office for all weddings in our parishes is at 9 West High Street, DD8 1BD Telephone: 01307 464973


No photographs are permitted during the wedding ceremony. Official photographers are invited to take photographs before the ceremony, during the signing of the Marriage Schedule and as the bridal party process up the aisle.
The taking of videos is permitted but the camera must be placed in a stationary position throughout the ceremony.

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