Churches in Fowlis, Liff, Lundie, Muirhead


We meet every Sunday during the school session at 10.00a.m. in the Session House in Fowlis.

When the services are in Fowlis, we join the congregation for the first 15 minutes and then we go out for our normal activities, which include bible stories, drawing and fun. Please come along and join us.

Any queries please phone Helen or Margaret Contact them here.


We meet during term time every Sunday at 11.15am.

The first fifteen minutes are spent chatting with our friends, listening to choruses and occasionally ringing the church bell , so that the adults hurry along.

Then we join the congregation in worship for approx. another fifteen minutes. We then leave the adults to have time to ourselves when we can learn about God through the Bible and worship Him through singing, praying, exercise and using our creative talents. By 12.30pm it is time to go home.

WHY NOT COME AND JOIN US!! Children of all ages are very welcome.

The Sunday School team leaders include Hilary, Susan, and Heather. Contact them here.

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Fowlis and Liff Parish Church of Scotland Scottish charity No 002792,Lundie and Muirhead Parish Church of Scotland Scottish charity No 001085